The Rebirth of SEO… Powered by Blogs

Forbes Magazine contributor Ken Krogue recently proclaimed the Death of SEO and the rise of content creation through traditional marketing channels such as public relations, social and “real content”. While Mr. Krogue statement, in some ways, is ultimatly true – the way we practice SEO will change in the future. Although Mr. Krogue, this is… Continue Reading

Hiring tech talent IS a challenge.

A recent Crain’s Chicago Business report focuses on the increasing demands and challenge facing the greater business community seeking tech focused talent. A challenge that’s represented both here in Chicago and globally. The report title A good tech guy (or gal) is hard to find confirms a recent Manpower survey: “According to the survey, 49 percent of… Continue Reading

Red flags to watch when hiring freelance bloggers

Services like Craigslist and other online freelancer services often provide low-cost solution for hiring creative writing talent.  As a business owner, you might luck out and find a someone who is highly qualified and readied to manage your business’ external communication strategy or you could end up with the alternative. You know you don’t want this: OMG… Continue Reading

What is WordPress?

I recently had the honor to speak on WordPress for Public Relations to the Chicago WordPress Meetup Group. While I was semi-prepared for a crowd with multiple levels of WordPress and PR experience, I realized the importance of explaining some of the fundamental basics of WordPress. What is WordPress? WordPress is an opensoure content management… Continue Reading

Top Resources for new Business Bloggers

Getting started with a business blog can be both exciting and time-consuming.  With a bit of foresight and following some best practices, we can help craft a plan to get your professional blog up-and-running in no time.  In this post, we’ll outline some essential resources for bloggers to review and to gain knowledge on what’s… Continue Reading

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